Time ‘Plays’ Time


“I am TIME. I play with time in time. Every moment of me is a constant for me, and I can vary this constant in any proportion with respect to time. I am Time, show some respect brothers and their sisters.”

If Time would have written its biography, it would have begun like this or something similar. Time is something or someone most important in our life as everything depends upon time. Today I am in the late 20s, tomorrow I might be old, a day before I was a child; again depending upon the speed of time. What if time runs altogether in a parallel mode. From seconds to years to millennia, every moment of time in a parallel synchronized mode. Only a time traveler might decipher the ‘puzzle of time, but our science is still far from reaching a distance of ONE LIGHT YEAR. Only Einstein knew it on papers and few Enlightened souls know Mr. Time in real.

I am no philosopher or a scientist or an enlightened one; just a stupid fellow, caught in ambiguous puzzle or puzzles of time. Sometimes time plays ‘Love’ game, when we are caught in beautiful stupid feelings of early youth or sometimes ‘Career’ game when we study and work for livelihood, comfort, and other worldly stuff. ‘Killing’ time is my favorite, as I sit idle and try to kill it, but I always forget about its immortality.

Time is making me a patient, not of a disease but of ‘patience’. Patience is something which time counts. Even its puzzles have a secret formula of various solutions and that secret formula is ‘patience’. We only choose a form of patience, depending upon the type of time puzzle. Mahatma Gandhi used patience to over power time. Similarly Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, and the great Sachin Tendulkar.

I guess this idea wouldn’t work for me. I did engineering, then post graduation in management, then sales jobs, and now planning to do something in legal studies. This is my life, whose mind flickers with the speed of light. My hobbies of Content Creation (photography and words) is totally different. See, how confused I am; nothing but a dreamer, idealist, and a foolish personality. Use your brain, don’t be a fool like me, if you need this world, for ‘n’ number of lives you want to be born in this world. Save yourself, don’t be a fool like me.


Best Regards..


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