Miss Confusions, my ex, every time I bounce back and we are together like a few days ago, but I always end up breaking her heart, that too from the bottom (if you know what I mean, if you don’t, that’s what I mean, BUZZINGAA!!). We have a good chemistry, and she even works on my ‘Biology’, viz. last time I was constipated from everywhere, all because of her, but I enjoyed it; Oo Yeah!!

From the beginning of life, confusion has held up high. Even Amoeba gets confused whether to go for Mitosis or Meiosis. Confusion plays a vital role in my life. If I am not confused,  I am boring. Confusion gives me ideas, thoughts, and my customizable plan for every situation or confusion. In Hindu Mythology (pre- Vedic), confusion led to many attacks on Indra, as devil were confused that after getting a boon from the Almighty, they have become gods of heaven. In simple words, the whole world is an end result of ‘confusion’, and I accept it. Our confusion shows different religions under one ‘banner’ of humanity, the best example so far.

‘I am confused’, this is my biggest confusion. Different phases, opportunities, people, everything different may help me in seeing what I want to see. Yesterday, an image in Instagram helped me in realizing this. I am going through the most beautiful phase of my life and everything new, everything different is no confusion but a fusion of ‘life’. Life is a fusion and I was taking it as a confusion, my bad, sorry dad.

What I had forgotten was, ‘Worldly education, not that important, will not lead to the ultimate goal’. This knowledge will count here, not there, where I am supposed to be.

Short, brief to the point, hope you get it. I value your time.

Thanks for patience,

Best Regards.




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