Let’s play with the script, screenplay, and a story of nature. I am only creating dialogues, for fun.

ACT X, Scene Y:

Two hungry and angry crows, upset over losing food to a squirrel, are crying and complaining to Nature. One of the crows, using awesome mind for food; high-level thinking (not me, it’s crow).

Crow 1: (crying) Oh, Nature Nature!! We are the natural cleaners of you. Then why?

Crow 2: Bro, what’s the point; Nature is gone and Prime Minister is the ‘new Nature’. Let’s fly to Delhi and ask him for food. He has all food after his cleanliness drive.

Crow 1: (still crying) Fool!! All closer to him will eat first, it would be a waste of time.

Crow 2: Then let’s fly, let’s be close to him. We will get something. We’ll shit on his staff from air, and they’ll all be lucky; as they say, our shit brings them luck. When we’ll be pouring luck, automatically they will give us food so that we can pour more luck.

Crow 1: But to pour luck, first of all, we need food. Invisible luck in the air (farts) won’t work. Foolish crow! (and crows).

The squirrel who won food from them comes running and climbs a tree. She (a female squirrel) sees both crows in a nearby branch and:

Squirrel: Hey losers!! Don’t worry, be happy. Mmmm..!! It was YUM.

Crow 1 (to Crow 2): We will also ask the new Nature to clean them. Let’s go!

Squirrel: Wait!! In backside, I lost a crumb to a White-Colored Giant Ghost Bird. If you are really hungry, go there and eat.

Crow 2 (to Crow 1): Ghost bird!!

Both fly off in fear. When in air, they saw; it’s a rooster. 

Crow 2 (to Crow 1): Big fat rooster. Ha Ha Ha. No need to fly to Delhi. This will be our new eating spot. Yipee!!

Crow 1: Agreed!! We love you Rooster (from the top).

Rooster hears them and murmurs

Rooster: Hey! A bunch of losers.

Crows fly (out of the scene) and Rooster raps

Rooster: I am the new king, O yeah; let’s meet in the ring, O yea; My beak is sharper like a knife, O yea; I am single, no wife. . . . (and continues)

**The End** (for now)

Rooster, my pet. I find him more faithful than a dog, as he is. Always hungry, like labradors and always targeting outsiders, guests, servants, and anyone whom they find ‘not a friend of the family’.

Many days ago, I saved his life, as mom, for the first time is attached to an animal and none is beyond mom and dad.

Rooster is not afraid of giving his life. I guess he knows he will be fed to someone. The biggest sacrifice in my terms, “to die in order to become food for someone”. Even goats and sheep are afraid, as one can make out from their faces and eyes. But Rooster has the same, either for life or death. I have learned a lot from him. He is simply the best. Belonging to the family of Peacocks, he is as clever as a fox (in bird terms). He is greedy for food, no doubt, all pets are, but like a dog, he knows the art of taking care of ‘the family’.

I have added his photo. Once you’ll meet him, you’ll fall in love with him. He made me vegetarian; simply adorable.

Best Regards.









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