Gandhian Photographer and (Me)


“I THINK that the word ‘saint’ should be ruled out of present life. It is too sacred
a word to be lightly applied to anybody, much less to one like myself who
claims only to be a humble searcher after Truth, knows his limitations, makes
mistakes- never hesitates to admit them when he makes them, and frankly
confesses that he, like a scientist, is making experiments about some ‘of the
eternal verities’ of life, but cannot even claim to be a scientist because he can
show no tangible proof of scientific accuracy in his methods or such tangible
results of his experiments as modern science demands”. (YI, 12-5-1920, p2)

Young India (a book)

A book on Gandhiji spoke the best for him and the above paragraph is my favorite. In 2011 and 2012, while preparing for Civil Services(an Indian Government Superior and Corrupt job) I studied deeply on Gandhi(not Rahul Gandhi or Sonia Gandhi; but the great Mahatma Gandhi). His approach towards situations, his lifestyle, his dreams, his passions changed my life. Earlier for two years, it was just a mental theory; but after the ‘Great Fall’ (my future Topic), it automatically became my practical approach and I started living in it and ‘with it’, that too without realization of it. The best approach of my life, I would say.

Life is meant to be simple and our thinking should always be high, out of the box, and creative. That’s what Gandhiji and his life meant. They say, “Great Lifes are the examples of the¬†way to lead a life”, and I totally agree with this. Even my uncle’s (dad’s cousin’s) life sets an example, which I see and is ‘the Truth’ of Tomorrow World where we are currently living. In accordance with his life, nearest God of today is our Parents. This is what I believe, after seeing him. Rest all are statues or images and I guess, the Almighty has no time to live in statues or images or temples or mosques or churches or any religious institution.

My photography, acting, content creation(but not writing, I guess, you may see), and sales management are my ‘out of the box’ thinking and approach. When I have such kind of simple(not complex, depends on our thinking) approach, my life should be simple, to the point, and based on ethics, especially ‘Utilitarian Approach’ where I see all as my family and me.

Thanks for patience,

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