#Nature and #Me


Nature is weird. Weird as in we all are part of Him or Her(can’t say about others, but I am) and She or He is equally a part of us(again, if not your part then only’me’).

While taking pictures I try my best to capture that essence of nature in us. Normally, in candid wedding photographs, that essence is artificial, as our life is artificial(in most of the cases), but still, we have that natural essence. That natural essence, when we are close to the matter(solid, liquid or gas) we love or we care about. In my previous post, I wrote about real Gods of ‘tomorrow land’ where we are currently living(because we think of tomorrow) is our parents(according to me and I am not forcing). Our candid shots with them are unique and better than with anyone(you can see and compare your photos).

Nature in me is testing my patience. The more patient I am, equally natural I am. It doesn’t mean I should be ill and become a patient of some disease in some hospital; the other patience, if you know what I mean. Patience kills my ego and killing ego is good for me, again can’t say about you.

May this Nature, improves my Patience level. This will enable me to capture better shades of light in a camera.

Short and brief, as a sign is enough.

Best Regards.



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