Eye of Cruel Me


When I see something bad, I am quiet. Our system, law, and principles of society are such that I have to keep myself in silent mode. Alone Modiji or Government or anyone cannot change these atrocities in a flash, as we (can’t say about you) have been living with this, from the time we are born. It’s in my blood, taste, and habits. My education tells me it’s wrong, but my silence overrides it. If I say it to someone, he remains silent, hence there is no point. I guess this might be the reason for the birth of revolutionaries, who cares, I don’t even deserve that.

For instance, today my pet rooster had spots of blood and injuries on his back, clearly showing he was beaten by someone. I spoke about it, but none could do anything. What’s the point! Life goes on, on and on; and we live many lives. Again, none has time to beat this vicious cycle of ‘life and death’. Our science still can’t depict ‘time’ completely, that’s why it’s always in y- axis of a two-dimensional representation of any motion. And I think, I am the best. My head should be chopped off in a guillotine, like old times. For ‘n’ amount of births, my end should be same because I am cruel. My silence is cruel, so am I.

Another instance, a month ago, a person was robbed in front of my eyes at night in Delhi. The robber snatched his phone, ran and sat on a motorbike. I was on foot, couldn’t do anything or did nothing. Police of Delhi, especially at night is drunk and corrupt, no point in becoming evidence as victim’s phone wouldn’t come back. Then I thought, robber’s need might be such that he might not be having any other option.

A phone is a material, our body, skin, everything is material (from the above two instances). I am full of materials (can’t say about you), from top to bottom, every inch of me is matter. Still, my aim is to get rid of materials and materialistic approach. This doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t respect other materials or even my material. Materials created by nature are for some purpose; this is what I feel, again can’t say about you. Hence, respect natural materials, but not to be materialistic; else there is no difference in being cruel and not being cruel; my aim and I will do anything to fulfill my aim of life, keeping everything in parallel.

These morals which I share here are for my own inspiration. I am not a preacher or a teacher, but a student of life, for life and by life.

Best Regards.


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