The contradiction of Life and Me…


My life has been a mixture of all goods and bads. From there I learned many good and bad things. Things here are tangible and intangible. They may be good for many and at the same time bad for few, and Vice- Versa. Even life has a good and a bad, sometimes a god and a devil. What I feel here is that it is up to us, what we choose in different spheres of life. These spheres are mostly dominated by our knowledge, experience, and emotions. Can’t say about you; it’s about me, actually.

Once, I analyzed my life, sitting in a closed room, eyes closed and listing lessons from it. The end result was making myself a man of principles, and ever evolving nature of those principles. Principles based on a simple notion of “Simple Living and High Thinking”. I guess, Mahatma Gandhi and other saints realized it in one way or the other. My path is different, as I give importance to ‘life’, ‘reasons’ of life and the ‘real motive’, ‘the ultimate goal’. Keeping these three fundamentals intact made my principles ever evolving in nature from time to time.

This worldly materialistic life demands something else from me. A complete opposite to my notion, which I feel everyone including me is destined to live with, but we prioritize something else, and lose the battle of life thinking we are winning it. Before analyzing even I thought the same, and at times still, think the same, but now, not slowly but steadily am getting rid of it. Honestly even life takes a test of it, and we mostly fail in it without thinking, like I failed yesterday. She even said, “If you ever become a politician, you’ll be a  corrupt one”. I smiled, although it is against my Ethics and Utilitarian Approach to Ethics.

I think I’ll remain unmarried and single, as none would accept my thinking and approach. Even she made fun of me for doing Engineering, then Master of Business and now Law, as none understands my thirst for ultimate knowledge, and these are only stepping stones to it. I don’t say a lot, as then people would quote me a ‘preacher’, which I am not. “Simple Living and High Thinking”, a base on which I am mounting my building, that’s it.

Simplicity depends from person to person, especially on one’s environment. Environment here is comprised of everything viz. status, family, thinking, education, etc., and thinking according to me should only be of ultimate goal, which is mostly impossible in nature. In simple words, to keep it high I need to think impossible, and work on impossible to make it possible. My point of view, not preaching here, just sharing it.

I cannot mend my approach towards life as it is my goal to get rid of cycles, although I love her a alot. I guess, life asks such sacrifices, not animals. My thinking, so lame, I know but can’t help it. Yesterday night it took few minutes for me to understand though it’s my life’s biggest decision. In 2013, when she broke- up with me, I could have fallen for someone else like she did, but my analysis taught me Faith at that time. That’s why I say that engineering taught me a technical approach towards life, analysis of life via management principles and studies and now law in order to help someone or many, in one way or the other, I guess.

Let it be, my life story is boring, I know. This boredom is me and I am this boredom. That’s all I have to write for now. Although I am sad, yet I am happy. May she be blessed with Life.

Best Regards…


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