Jolly L.L.M.

Source: Jolly L.L.M.

Season 1, Story 2 (Part- 1)

  Story and Characters are figments of imagination. If by chance anything meets, becomes a matter of co-incidence.

Abhi Bhardwaj Alias Polly, Jolly’s half brother was a drug addict at the age of fifteen. Can’t blame upbringing as the environment in their hometown was such. He took admission in some private university by paying huge amounts of donations, that too for engineering. Dusshera holidays were on its brink and Polly had decided to go to Kullu for fun and to refill his almost finished stock of ‘hash’, a popular drug in that valley.

On the second day of Dusshera festival, police caught him with eight hundred grams of ‘Opium’ in the famous festival ground. This huge quantity of Opium was found in a bag, which was along with him.

Jolly has started working in her new law firm of Mr. Dubey. She is taking more insights on NDPS from various case files and learning principles of few good and bad tricks. Mr. Dubey, her boss is her father’s lawyer and a very close friend, hence, he took special care of Jolly, and this was unknown to her as she always thought and her dad portrayed a saintly image. Mr. Dubey took a special interest in Jolly, teaching her all the tricks theoretically and trying to get physically close, to which Jolly never bothered.

Once, when Jolly is in office, late evening along with Mr. Dubey, a phone which rang once or twice in a day suddenly rings. At that time Mr. Dubey was about to kiss Jolly, while he was explaining CrPc (Criminal Procedure) related to NDPS. NDPS Act is basically an Act of Law relating to ‘Drugs and Drug Trafficking’. The phone rings, Jolly suddenly moves, not realizing, she picks up the phone. To her surprise, it is her dad. She immediately recognizes his voice and asks him if everything is alright. Raj, her father tells her about Polly that he was arrested by police for drugs, which somebody else put in his bag. She gives the phone to Mr. Dubey and goes to the other room. First, she smiles, as she hated her half brother, but later on, she thinks about her family reputation, to which she is still unaware.

Mr. Dubey tells Jolly to go to Kullu immediately. He makes a list of CrPc sections on which she can ask for bail of her brother. It is late evening time and no bus is available to Kullu. She can’t drive, as she never learned driving. She calls her friend Siddarth or Sidd and tells the situation to him, he being an old fan of Jolly’s beauty and assets agree and especially comes with her to Kullu, taking Jolly in his car. On way, Sidd tries to pacify Jolly’s anxiety, raises her confidence and rubs his hands on her back, but nothing happens, what he is expecting.

They reach there and then they go to Kullu’s Police Station. It is an old building once made by British. When they enter, they could feel vibrations of their steps on the ground. Lock-up, where Polly is being thrashed by a lady constable, is outside the Inspector’s chamber and Jolly could see it. Jolly goes inside the chamber tells inspector about those sections of CrPc and ask him to leave him immediately.

Inspector laughs, and then, again laughs and says, ” I am no judge to grant him bail”. Listening to this Jolly asks whether she has to go to a judge first. He again laughs, seeing him laughing Sidd also laughs. Jolly gets hyper and moves out of the room. She thinks and the sight of her ex-boyfriend, who is a judge comes to her mind. This mental sight was her learning law from him, where he says to go to a judge for bail for serious offenses and puts his hands inside her T-shirt.

[To be Continued]…


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