Jolly L.L.M.

Source: Jolly L.L.M.

Story and Characters are figments of imagination. If by chance anything meets, becomes a matter of co-incidence. 

Anamika Awasthi alias Jolly, a learned lawyer, has a story in the making. She was a simple, immature small town Dame before she met Judge Sahib with Audi. I don’t remember his name, let it be ‘BlahAudi’. BlahAudi was preparing for the judiciary in Chandigarh when he met Jolly, who then was an aspirant herself. Both fell in opportunistic love, Jolly wanted somebody to teach her and for that BlahAudi fulfilled his bodily desires, you know what I mean. He banged Jolly in his back seat, in Fragrance Garden, PU backside, Pinjore Gardens and any place feasible for banging.

They attempted Himachal Judiciary, Haryana Judiciary, and Punjab Judiciary exams together. BlahAudi had the stamina and intelligence, and he cleared all. Jolly had no idea and she couldn’t get through even for next two years. Seeing BlahAudi clearing all and becoming a judge, Jolly used her small town mentality and asked him for marriage. (Actually, in North India, girls usually do this in order to save themselves from work and gaining fame of a VIP by becoming a VIP’s wife.) BlahAudi had a plan of ‘victory-sex’ in his mind, so he started pulling the topic for the next one month (you know law people or even lawyers, how they pull things apart and make fool of people around them, usually clients). Jolly, over dreamt of marrying and becoming Mrs. Judge, couldn’t see it coming.

Whenever she raised her topic of marriage, he used to make an excuse which appeared legitimate and banged her. This continued for forty days until the day of final confrontation came. BlahAudi managed to enter PG of Jolly as that day Jolly’s roommate had left. Jolly had brought scented candles, as she wanted to make it special since it was the day she thought he will accept her proposal of marriage. Everything was set, one session between them was over. In the beginning of the second session, Jolly said, “I am pregnant”. (A fake line or a joke which girls of North India especially say or crack to confirm the validity or depth in their relation.) This disturbed BlahAudi, he pushed her and got up (actually she was on top this time).

He simply said that his parents are marrying him in the richest family of Punjab and he cannot go against his parents. Listening to this, Jolly blew away candles and said, “What the F*** “. He explained her by simply saying, ” Listen, babe, I am a guy with Audi and I don’t go small town for commitment”. He put on his clothes and left. While he was leaving, the owners of girl’s PG saw him leaving from Jolly’s room. Those image conscious landlords next day threw Jolly out, even returned her money. She had no other option, but to leave Chandigarh.

After few months, she had a final viva of her dissertation in LLM. Actually, she took admission in LLM in University while she was preparing for Judiciary and getting banged. So, she went for her final viva, drinking all her emotions and standing firm on her small town dumbness and show offs. At least, this could win her a gold medal from the University.

Coming back from the past, into the present. She starts her practice as a lawyer in her small town. She plans to join a firm of a Criminal Lawyer, Mr. Dubey. Mr. Dubey, a man mid- forties, and very much nasty. He welcomes Jolly and asks her to prepare for NDPS case. This time their client is Jolly’ s own brother, who was caught with eight hundred grams of opium in a fair (my next story).

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Next— Jolly LLM: State vs Polly Engineer, ‘don’t go on her looks’ …


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