Creativity has No Ethics …


Life and Creativity are siblings. They both are created in someway or the other. Like a child born has unique features, that uniqueness is created, like an artist creating a unique piece of art. Since childhood days we read that every person is unique, it means every person is creative in one way or the other. Hence, wherever there is life, there is creativity, but not Vice- Versa, as at times we create such things which don’t support life.

Ethical Creativity is not creativity but a repetition of creativity in one way or the other, like cloning, keeping same features aligned. Ethics are worldly as they deal with our day to day affairs. Being ethical in a day to day affairs is important, this is what I feel. My ethics, viz. 76646_10151086892937096_168650446_nDSC00145parents are God in today’s time, Utilitarian Approach (thinking a woman of mom’s age like mom when dealing with, same way with a man of dad’s age, sister’s age), etc. are helpful to me in focusing on my ‘Ultimate Goal’, in this ‘worldly’ world.

These ethics make me more creative, especially with camera and pen. Ethics have cleared focus of my life and I know half of my ultimate goal. Every day in some way or the other I work on it, and I believe ‘this goal is not only mine but of everyone’. Others may take some time to realize it like I have only realized half. My creativity comes from that ‘ultimate goal’ of life and it follows the ethics to create something unique, appreciate others and to innovate. Jolly LLM, a series which I am writing is a complete piece of innovation, using my creativity with a pen or a keyboard here.

Innovating something from old in a new style of art or a way is a creativity. No ethics here, if it would have been there then I, myself would have called myself a ‘copy- cat’. Few filmmakers copy a script from some other country’s film industry shows no creativity unless they innovate the crux and few aspects of it. Innovation leads to creativity and I admire it, like my teacher Mr. Rishi Kappal ( #rishikappal ) taught me and I always try to innovate something or anything new.

Ethical creativity is bound by rules. That creativity which is bound by rules is not creativity. This is what I feel, again not forcing my opinion. But few are good, innovating the meaning of rules in regard to rules and I call them creative. Ethics in creativity may hamper the life in it. In worldly terms, creativity is godly in nature, and there are no ethics in something or anything which is godly. On the other hand, ethics are meant to be worldly, even to pray, we follow certain ethics, those are also worldly.

Life with ethics to the world and ‘unethical’ Creativity to my ultimate goal, my aim of life.

Best Regards


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