Jolly L.L.M.

Source: Jolly L.L.M.

Season 1: Story 2 (part 2)

Story and Characters are figments of imagination. If by chance anything meets, becomes a matter of co-incidence.

PREVIOUSLY: Abhi Bhardwaj Alias Polly, Jolly’s half brother; police caught him with eight hundred grams of ‘Opium’ in the famous festival ground; Jolly has started working in her new law firm of Mr. Dubey; Once, when Jolly is in office; Mr. Dubey was about to kiss Jolly; she picks up the phone. To her surprise, it is her dad; Mr. Dubey tells Jolly to go to Kullu immediately; She calls her friend Siddarth or Sidd and tells the situation to him; taking Jolly in his car; Polly is being thrashed by a lady constable; Inspector laughs, and then, again laughs; Jolly asks whether she has to go to a judge first … [and continues]


Jolly comes out of the Police Station and asks Sidd to help her in finding out the Chief Judicial Magistrate’s (CJM’s) phone number of residence. Sidd calls his two, three (un)known people of virtual importance (political goons). No use, none of them have the number. Jolly then googles the ‘address of CJM Kullu’, after few seconds Google gives the address of court and in one search result it was written ‘Civil Lines’. Then they both go to Civil Lines (A proclaimed theory of North India that all civilized people, main officers live in Civil Lines) to find his house. After about two hours their search wins and in a hurry Jolly rings the house bell.

CJM, a young blood, newly married comes out with his wife, as they are expecting their relatives. When he sees a chick in a black blazer, he sends his wife back. Getting closer to the gate he sees Jolly for the first time and says, “Oh Yeah!!”

He asks what’s the issue, to which Jolly says that she has come for a bail of an innocent, who is being blamed for eight hundred grams of Opium by police. She takes out the application of bail, says few sections of CrPc (Criminal Procedure) and requests for bail. CJM grants the bail and asks her to appear in court tomorrow along with her client at 10 am, sharp. If she fails to appear with her client then he will be issuing nonbailable arrest warrants for her client. He winks his one eye and says, “See you in Court”. Happily, Jolly turns around and goes back to the car where Sidd is waiting. Seeing her from back, CJM again says, “Oh Yeah!!”

She immediately goes to Police Station, shows bail documents to Inspector, who grants bail with immediate effect. He calls up a constable to release Polly. When they are moving outside, the lady cop who thrashed Polly in lock- up rubs her hands on Polly’s face and says, “Very Cute”.

On their way, Jolly and Sidd were very much interested in knowing Polly’s story, but he couldn’t speak due to swelling in his mouth, which he got in the lock- up. Jolly says that they have to appear in CJM’s court tomorrow and explain the ‘objective of defense’.

Tomorrow morning in CJM’s court where Jolly, Polly and their father Raj are present. CJM asks a helper to call them. When he sees Raj, he says to Jolly that it is their family business to peddle drugs. Listening to this, Jolly says that it’s her family and Polly (the accused) is her half-brother. (Jolly never knew about her father’s real business). CJM smiles and look into the documents and then points out the difference in the surname of Polly. Raj then explains that how Polly was born after his divorce and to his wife through her second husband. Polly’s parents died in a car crash, so he took responsibility for his upbringing. He has an old, lame mentality and for that, he needs a son.

CJM smiles again and asks Raj about his involvement to which he denies. Jolly says to the CJM about the wrong guessing of involvement of his father and says that he is a great hotelier and has no relation to this. This time CJM laughs, calls Raj in witness area and tells him to reveal his reality in court. Raj, in witness area, simply says a line, that when he had gone to Europe for five years, it wasn’t Europe, but a jail in Dharamshala. Actually, there were many European peddlers in that jail, that’s why he said Europe.

CJM understanding the mental condition of Jolly after this revelation gives a date after one month for next appearance. He also says to Jolly to prepare well, else Polly will land in prison for four years.

Jolly is speechless when out of the court, goes speechless in car way back to her hometown. Raj on reaching back says that to prove falsification of these allegations, where even Mr. Dubey failed at times, he wanted Jolly to do law. Listening to this, Jolly remains quiet, goes to her room and sleeps.

Next: – Story 3: Jolly- Dubey, but she swims …




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