Jolly- Dubey (drowned), but she swims …

Grandma calling her grandchildren, “Jolly- Polly, come have it”. As soon as Jolly asks about milk, Polly empties his glass on her saying, “Happy Holi”.

Jolly awakes from this dream. She could recollect her childhood days, where her Grandma rules. She still rules her town as the biggest con or the underworld queen of that area. Her grandma still has a pet tiger (which is a dummy actually), as rearing tiger is banned in India. When Jolly was young, she used to consider it a real one.

Jolly gets up and late as usual for everything. She leaves for office in a hurry as Mr. Dubey has a special lesson for her, which I guess she’ll remember throughout her life. On her way to the office, she meets Mr. Dubey who gives her lift and asks her to wear tight clothes to increase her ‘lawyer appeal’. Actually, he is just hitting on her. In the office, he closes the door of his chamber, even hangs a sign of Do not Disturb on the door. He starts explaining her about various sections on General Exceptions. Slowly he is closer to Jolly, she interrupts. She is actually disturbed after knowing about her father, the other day in court. She asks Mr. Dubey to tell her the truth. Where Mr. Dubey is about to shoot, the magazine is emptied by Jolly. Feeling frustrated on this, he starts a story:

July 1985, Raj (Jolly’s father) was arrested on account of an illicit relationship with a Russian man (that time same-sex relationships were totally illegal). That was the time when he met him for the first time and bailed him. Later he proved in court that the Russian was trying to rape Raj and freed him. That day onwards he became his legal representative. Sometimes Polish, Israeli, and at times Indian, her father had a weird taste till the day he got married. It is said that Jolly’s grandpa forcibly married him to a stout lady, who is her biological mother, though she has many nonbiological fathers. Dubey then fought his divorce case, where Jolly’s custody was given to him. Later her mother died in a car crash. Raj’s side business is transporting cocaine and heroine from one part of the district to another. For this, he is caught many times and Dubey bailed him.

After listening to this short, brief, to the point history of her father, Jolly closed her eyes. She could remember the rumors she heard in her childhood. After about two minutes she opens her eyes and sees Dubey in a position where he is about to kiss Jolly. They kiss each other, for about two minutes and then Jolly pushes him away. She quits his job and goes out.

Later, she moves to Chandigarh to start a new lawyer life. You won’t believe, after ten years she marries Dubey. The story will come in next season of stories or next to next season, I don’t remember, but it will come.


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